What’s so great about a Rolex?

This should also be a source of confusion for many watch lovers.

The reasons for questioning are, in summary: “Rolex is all basic models, no complication technology, and certain parts (such as the luminous beads of the Aquatimer) are easily damaged and not as robust and durable as they are said to be. It only stands out in terms of marketing hype.”

This passage is, in part, correct. But it is not enough to fully explain the Rolex firestorm.

What is so great about Rolex?

The product

Regarding the quality of Rolex’s products, there is a passage circulating in circles.

“Rolex is the most accurate and durable of luxury watches, the most luxurious of accurate and durable watches.”

It is clear enough that Rolex’s reputation for quality is reflected in 2 main areas: precision and durability.

Rolex’s Super Chronometer certification,best swiss replica watches uk which limits the time difference to less than 2 seconds, is hard to find more accurate in a watch of its price range – this is “precision”.

This pragmatism, combined with the unique construction of the Oyster case (which set a world record for water resistance), makes Rolex watches generally very durable.

Rolex does these two things one of the best, if not the best, of any watch in its price range.

Rolex is able to do this thanks to its unique mastery of the supply chain. Rolex produces almost all of its own parts, and even has its own gold and steelworks, as well as the right to mine minerals – the last of which is, of course, a rumour in the community, so you can tell if it’s true or not.

With such a strong supply chain, the materials used by Rolex are of the highest quality, such as the famous 904L steel. At the same time, Rolex’s production recipes and processes are kept in the utmost secrecy, a level of money printing that no competitor can easily imitate.

In addition to this, Rolex has its own laboratory, with a research team that even includes chemists and geologists, and develops even the lubricants for its production lines, the purity of its diamonds and the ratios of its gold.

The strength of Rolex’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities goes beyond that of an ordinary watch brand, it is more like a small kingdom.

This strong R&D and production capability, with a focus on one direction, has made Rolex the ultimate in “precision” and “durability”.

In addition to this, Rolex has also adopted a seemingly “dumb” approach to design, but in fact a very clever one: extreme conservatism.

The shape of a Rolex has remained almost unchanged for over a century since its foundation, and there is little difference between the various Rolex collections (with the exception of the Cellini).

At the same time, Rolex insists on making only basic models, not high-end complications such as tourbillons (if Rolex were to make complications, given its R&D and production capabilities, they would certainly be top-notch).

Watches from different periods and collections all look almost the same, simple and basic, with only the details breaking through – something that only Rolex would dare to do.

In the short term, this conservative style will cost Rolex some customers, such as those who like back-transparent, those who like tourbillon, those who like square cases …… This part of the customers will definitely not buy Rolex.

But once adhered to for decades, it creates a unique brand style that imparts a value that distinguishes it from other competing products and makes people know at first glance: “This is Rolex.”

Superb quality, conservative design that forgoes short-term gain, forge the unique Rolex product style.

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