10 pieces of advice for choosing a watch

(1) Always buy a watch that is waterproof.

Some watches with thin cases, especially women’s watches, many of which are also made of 18-carat gold, are not water resistant. These watches are usually pressed into the back cover, and even foreign objects such as dust and fibres can enter the watch if it is not sealed tightly enough, which will require frequent repairs and a lot of trouble in the future.

(2) Don’t buy gold-plated cases and straps.

Now the price of gold is twice as high,replica rolex watches the watch gold plating layer is by no means thick, at most not more than 10 microns, usually between 3-5 microns, very easy to be worn off, and then the watch becomes particularly ugly, the phoenix off hair is not as good as chicken, really not as good as stainless steel; if it is ion plated titanium, I am afraid that its colour is not correct.

(3) Steel straps are preferred to solid straps.

If it is a watch with a steel case and a steel strap, it is best to choose a solid strap, all the watches of high-grade brands are solid straps, strong and compact and bracelet. If it can be combined with a “butterfly clasp” with a safety device, it will be “perfect”. The opening and closing of the metal clasp is a matter of comfort and safety, and it is also the most problematic position of the watch in the future.

(4) The fewer additional functions on a watch, the better.

It is generally said that the fewer the additional functions of a watch, the better, which helps to improve the timekeeping performance.

(5) Be careful with shaped cases.

You can’t guarantee that the glass won’t break later, and it’s hard to get the original one. If it’s a super-arching high-grade sapphire glass, even if you can get it, the price is quite high,fake watches and the flat round glass is the easiest to get or substitute.

(6) It is not recommended to buy an 18-carat white gold watch.

It is not recommended to buy a watch with an 18-carat white gold case, as most cases and straps made of this material look “white”, the outermost layer is rhodium-plated and once the plating is worn off, the surface will be found to be yellowish.

(7) Be careful with metal end belts.

Watches fitted with special types of leather straps should be bought with caution. The so-called special types refer to the end of the leather strap with metal components that are wrapped in the strap (this is mainly to achieve a bracelet-like feeling when the watch is worn or to facilitate disassembly) or the end of the strap with shaped cuts. Leather straps (including alligator leather) are inherently wearable and should be replaced in about 3-4 years. Special types of leather straps are non-universal and must be replaced with the original manufacturer’s straps, which can be expensive, especially for large designer watches.

(8) Be careful with bracelet straps.

Bracelet strap watches, also known as one-piece case strap, the strap is welded on top of the case, the strap is also the whole, no sub-section, this type of strap in the short usually have to do cutting, once short can not be lengthened, many need to do re-welding, very complicated, this type is mainly made of 18-carat gold.

(9) Be careful with watches that are ultra-thin and small.

Whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, the movement is better to be big, especially a mechanical watch. For example, if the comprehensive time performance of a 26mm diameter movement is evaluated with a score of 100 points, then the comprehensive time performance of a 20mm diameter movement (women’s movement) of the same level and brand can only be given 70 points at most. Ultra-thin movements are also thinner and less reliable than thicker ones, with more fragile parts, as exemplified by the PIAGET 9P2.

(10) Women’s watches should be quartz whenever possible.

The performance of mechanical women’s watches is much lower than that of men’s watches, and the maintenance cycle is also shorter, and women’s activities are less than men’s, so you should look at the market, like OMEGA, LONGINES and other Swiss brands of watches. The vast majority of women’s watches are all quartz for this reason, but also because quartz watches can be made in a wider variety and more beautiful appearance. For men who don’t get enough exercise and who are more demanding about the accuracy of their watches, it is also recommended to go for a quartz watch.

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